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Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations, Churches, and Organizations

Each fundraising project is different.  There is no cookie cutter way to raise funds for your organization. Our team of experts create and develop a fundraiser based on your specific needs.  For example, The World of Charity project is a labor of love and Karatbars International would like to remind people and motivate them to do something good for others.

The World of Charity (W.O.C.) Cards are available in a 6-piece bundle (6 x 0.1 gram of gold).
Cardholders are always requested to carry a World of Charity card in their wallet. Every time they open your wallet, they will automatically be reminded that other people need their help. Whether the individual helps someone on the street, assists someone with a flat tire, or simply puts a smile on the face of someone sad – give, and they will see how you have pushed this positive energy forward.

Fundraising organization can also design and customize branding cards for the fundraising effort and as an option have the donor purchase W.O.C. and branding cards directly.

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